What we do


CitroSars:  Your DS, SM & Merak specialist with more than 35 years of experience

From technical maintenance, engine overhaul, damage repair to interior and exterior restoration, CitroSars will be at your service.

In addition to Cyril, highly specialized employees work in the workshop, each with their own expertise. 35 years of tinkering with these cars has provided enormous experience and knowledge of the cars.

Customers worldwide have found their way to Cyril and his employees. Worldwide there are few specialists in the field of the Citroën SM and CitroSars is one of them. So it can be said that your SM is in the best hands with them.

The gentlemen have already overhauled many engines in the motor shop

This is done in such a way that your engine will easily function for 150,000 km after this (provided it is properly maintained).

An engine overhaul from CitroSars therefore comes with a one-year warranty. Provided that the maintenance is also carried out by Cyril and his team.

After an engine overhaul, the car will not be delivered until 500 kilometers have been driven. This is because adjustments of the engine and other systems still need to be corrected during this first period.

After an engine overhaul, the car will not be delivered until 500 kilometers have been driven.

Cyril Sars – Owner

New challenges are also tackled

The demand for certain scarce parts is high. That is why they are also involved in developing new products at CitroSars.

Some examples of this are overhauls of wheelhouses and centrifugal regulators. We are currently working hard to produce the necessary parts and test techniques.

The interior of the cars is also thought ahead. For example, all kinds of hard-to-find parts are produced in-house. Headlining, trunk and boot lid trims are now available in the web shop.

Large assortment

A wide range of parts for the DS, SM and MERAK can be ordered in the webshop. For the SM in particular, the largest online parts range is at your disposal.

At the moment there is not only purchased but also a lot of self-produced or developed in collaboration with other specialist companies.

For sale

Although car trading is not part of the main activity, CitroSars does have a range of cars for sale. This offer consists of own cars, but you can also find cars of customers or relations. There is also the possibility to have a car built according to your own wishes. With the in-house knowledge and experience, honest and realistic advice will be given for every wish or car. This, so that all these cars can reliably hit the road and provide the new owner with a lot of driving pleasure.