About Cyril Sars


our history

Cyril Sars has been infected with the Citroën virus since 1980

Like so many DS enthusiasts, he regularly tinkered with the ‘Pike’ in the hobby sphere. This changed when he started working in Los Angeles in 1984 as a mechanic at a Citroën garage. There he learned a lot about the Citroën DS and SM in a short time.

More than a year later, back in the Netherlands, Citroëns were also being worked on until Cyril’s second passion, flying, forced him to make a choice and the Citroëns had to give way to hydraulics with wings. After many years of flying around the world, the entrepreneurial drive started to gain ground.

Blood creeps where it cannot go and as no serum has yet been found against the Citroën virus, he picked up Citroën work again in 2004, but now professionally. At the moment Cyril has a garage in the Terborg where maintenance and restoration of DS, SM and Merak is done. The SM in particular has become a specialization with the engine overhaul as the highlight. There is also a lot of in-house knowledge in the field of sheet metal work. The garage has since become a partner garage selected by the DS club and has been appointed as a recognized training company. Work is carried out at a high quality level


Cyril’s workshop exudes a nostalgic atmosphere

A nostalgic feel from France from the days when Citroen still built quirky cars. Cyril is captivated by the complicated technology of Citroën’s progressive cars. The brand was a true pioneer with the DS and SM in the period 1955-1975.

Our mission is to make or keep these cars in good condition so they can be used in today’s traffic. The way of working is meant to increase the pleasure of driving, that these gems drive again as it was intended. The team of Cyril works carefully and with respect for the authentic design.

The team of specialists goes for the broad approach, they look for the problem there is no symptom control….We do it especially well!!!


Most of Cyril’s employees each have decades of experience in automotive engineering.

The team now consists of 6 people. Permanent employees are Peter, Guido, Jeroen and Frank. But recently, the 21-year-old Thomas has strengthened the team. This is to pass on the knowledge to the next generation.

Peter is the longest serving. His specialisms are the construction and dismantling of the bodywork, in and extension of the interior but also restoration thereof. He is meticulous, pays attention to detail and goes to great lengths to restore the car to its original condition.

Guido is the man of technology; engines, hydraulics, electricity and the mechanical parts. Guido has an enormous knowledge of the system and when new unknown problems arise, he sinks his teeth.
in it until it’s fixed.

With his years of experience as workshop manager, Jeroen has recently become the link between Cyril and the workshop and also the point of contact for customers. He is an all-round mechanic and qualified MOT inspector. Jeroen is good at diagnosing problems and overseeing the big picture.

Despite his young age, Thomas is also infected with the Citroën virus. And then not with what you would expect from him the modern types. No, he is the proud owner of a H-van that he restored to his former glory. After his training in engine technology, he is now very eager to learn the secrets of the classic Citroëns.

Frank has a good dose of experience in logistics and a good technical knowledge. He deals with the parts within the company. That means; the sale and sending of the products from the webshop. Frank is well-versed in communication and has a good command of his English and German language. Chances are you’ll get Frank on the phone when you call!

In addition to managing the company, Cyril is mainly involved in customer contact, test driving, technical inspections and the development of new parts.If there is time left, he also likes to tinker. Cyril’s strive for perfection is great, the satisfaction of the customer is important to him. As an accredited work placement company, Cyril offers the opportunity to transfer knowledge of the cars to a younger generation so that these special cars remain on the road as long as possible.